IT Services & Support


Computer Repair
We provide services & support for all of your computer problems and we can troubleshoot all PC issues. We can also give health checks to make your computer run as fast as it can.

Operating system upgrades or changes
If your computer is running slow and it is not that old you may need an operating system re-installation. This is a service we provide to many of our customers and in combination with an SSD upgrade can bring new life to your computer.
This is also a very good way to be as sure as it is possible to be that as system is free from infection and malware. If you have had a security breach, virus or have allowed someone access to an important computer and want to be as sure as you can that your computer is clean a re-installation is the best way to go.

New or replacement computer?
If you are thinking about a new computer, printer or any other piece of IT equipment we are a great way of getting it to you fast. We supply all sorts of IT equipment including desktops, laptops, monitors, mice, keyboards, routers, switches, SSD hard drives, printers, external hard drives and if you ask us first just about anything else computer related at industry standard prices.

Data transfer and recovery
If you need to move your data to a different machine, recover lost data or help prevent losses in the future we are the people to talk to, we have all the tools necessary to sort out your data needs and can provide data recovery services up to a high level.
If you have a hard drive that has stopped working or cannot find documents or pictures we may be able to help get that important information back from the dead.

Data Backup and Recovery
If you need to back up your computer or server we can offer expert advice on the various options open to you. we have external drives with us if necessary and are versed in the various options available today as far as cloud backup is concerned.
Weather you need to just make sure those precious family photos are backed up or you need a backup solution for an office network we can supply, install and set up all of your back up needs.

Website Development
We can supply domain names, host email and build websites, all at a very affordable price so if you are looking for a basic website for your business or personal use please let us know.

Wireless (wi-fi) networks
We can supply, setup and maintain wireless networks from the smallest home to a business wanting wireless networking for its employees and customers. We have access to residential and commercial equipment and are experienced in establishing and maintaining wireless networks which operate reliably in a variety of different environments

Remote assistance
We can easily remotely connect to our customers and diagnose problems if and when required and have very competitive rates for remote access.
Especially for our business customers the speed and convenience of this service has proven to be very popular, not to mention the price.
Talk to us today about installing remote access for your business.

E-mail setup and troubleshooting
Ah email, brilliant while it is working but often a disaster when it fails. If you are having email issues and need help fast we are the people to call. We will troubleshoot any issues you are having to get you back in business ASAP. and we can give advice which web browser or email program will work best for you.

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