Service Charges


Service charges and Payments

We want to keep our service charges competitive and simple. We charge a flat hourly rate with a minimum fee to help offset our fixed expenses.

we are flexible for payment of our service charges by cash or cheque  or arrange for an Internet Banking transfer with you. We will then e-mail you a copy of the descriptive invoice.

If you are a small business, home business or regular customer we will be happy to discuss invoicing and billing arrangements with you. We use the Xero accounting system (supporting Kiwi innovation!) so if you do too, then we can make things very straightforward.

All rates quoted to private individuals are inclusive of GST. Rates to GST-registered traders will have GST added

On-site support service charge
work completed on the client’s site – $80.00
Remote support service charge
work completed remotely client’s site – $50.00